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Engineering Services

Globalstor performs a technology assessment during the simulator design phase to ensure the resulting performance will meet the desired outcomes. Once the hardware configuration is established, Globalstor ensures that all software is properly installed, tested, and integrated within the design.

Globalstor’s ability to foster integrated engineering services has been tried, tested and proven. We are an experienced and capable designer, manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art computer systems for the Simulation and Training industry.  Our cadre of experienced personnel develops, manufactures and fields a wide variety of systems across the globe. We successfully deliver these systems with excellent cost and schedule performance. 

Adding data capacity to keep pace with your requirements can be a lot more involved than merely adding new drives to a RAID array. It can be a highly complex, technically demanding process, and you have a lot riding on doing it right, because it can make a difference between the success or failure of your training equipment’s performance. At Globalstor, or engineers will ensure your performance needs are met.

Subject Matter Expertise

Globalstor specializes in applied computer technologies to create real-time distributed simulations. We distinguish ourselves from the competition with our lifecycle sustainment and technology investigation expertise – the assessment of existing and emerging technologies for use with both legacy systems and new systems.

Globalstor offers a number of engineering services for the utilization of the latest technologies and innovations in the simulation and training marketplace:
  • Identification of candidate technologies
  • Technology assessment – relevance, risk, readiness
  • Feasibility studies
  • System analysis / requirements analysis
  • Product definition
  • Modeling & design
  • Prototyping
  • Systems engineering
  • Reverse engineering, re-engineering
  • Lifecycle management plans
  • Logistics engineering

Additional Services

  • Lifecycle Management – Globalstor monitors the commercial availability of components, stocks spares accordingly, provides alerts to customers and offers possible service life extension options.
  • Service Live Extension – Globalstor extends the product life for mission critical systems, via sparing, OEM coordination, and reverse engineering. 
  • Configuration Management – Globalstor maintains a controlled Bill of Materials and engineering revisions for hardware and software products, ensuring configuration integrity is maintained.
  • Data Management – specification control drawings, engineering drawings, and technical manuals are maintained in our library to ensure the product line can be replicated, and technical issues effectively addressed.
  • Depot Support – Globalstor provides depot level repair services to the component level, and ensures timely repair of mission critical equipment. In a throw away world, component level repair has become a diminishing resource with a high-value in the military market.     
  • Extended Warranty Options – Globalstor offers warranties well beyond vendor warranties in incremental annual options extending 10 years and beyond.
  • 24/7 Toll Free Hot-Line Support – service when you need it.  When you need Globalstor; we will be there. 

Support Above and Beyond

The dynamic and ever-evolving nature of electronics and computing technologies creates its own set of unique challenges. Globalstor’s knowledgeable support team is ready to assist you with any assistance you may need.  For us this means before, during and after the sale.  For Globalstor, service after the sale is where the rubber meets the road. You’ve spent a lot of time, money, and energy getting the system you wanted—now we have to keep it performing as expected. This is a discriminating difference between Globalstor and a typical commercial supplier of IT equipment.  Most Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) suppliers support their equipment for one year after the sale.  At Globalstor, we support our systems for much longer. Globalstor is currently supporting products manufactured more than  10 years ago and has won several awards from Companies such as Lockheed Martin as well as the US NAVY for service and support well beyond typical commercial life cycles.   

To further enhance customer satisfaction, Globalstor’s support services include 24×7 tech support, media replacement program, Next day replacement of failed components and expedited depot level hardware repair services.

One example of extended lifecycle support can be found on the CASS (Consolidated Automated Support System) developed by Lockheed Martin, using Globalstor hardware and media.  CASS is the primary ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) system used to test NAVY avionic systems. Started in 1991, CASS is still fully supported by Globalstor to this day. We continue to maintain the mainframe DEC (Alpha and Micro) VAX CPU’s as well as other key CASS systems components in addition to the Globalstor Magneto Optical drives that are included in all 500 CASS systems servicing the fleet today.  This service life extension avoids millions of dollars in upgrade costs for the Government.